Yesterday I went to the blacksmiths. We had to go in partners. We got to hammer the white hot metal and make it into objects that we could use at school. We made all sorts of things like, garden stakes for the garden. I made a hook that you could nail on the wall. It had 3 hook to hand up your stuff. It was very fun. We got to make the below go. It was cool seeing all the air from the bellow going onto the fire to make it go better. You only needed the make the bellow go went there was metal in the fire. It was great learning how they made lots of things at the blacksmith.

Large forge bellows.; Manufactured by William Alldays. Alldays & Onions,  Sole M... on eHiveThis is a bellow.

BC Technology Challenge

Last Friday (14th of May) Duntroon School went up to Waitaki Valley School to do the technology challenge. We put put into groups of 3-4 and had to complete 3 different challenges. The first thing we had to build was a ski jump. We had limited supplies to use. The goal was to see which teams jump to make the marble travel the further est in the air. The second one we did was a lighthouse. We have to make a LED light work and it had to go on and off by us making a switch. It was how far the tower as. It didn’t matter where the light was. The third one we had to build was a bungy jump platform. We had to see how far off the table we could put the marble and we had to have a marble at the other end.

The BP technology challenge was interesting, but a few things could be changed.



Favorite Book

My favorite book is “Ella at Eden”. I have the first 2 books. It’s about a girl named Ella who starts high school and finds lots of mysteries in the school. Ella has a best friend called Zoe.  She also meet two girls; Grace and Violet. They all solve the mysteries together. That’s my favorite book.

Holiday Review

In the holiday I went down to Dunedin with my cousin and my brother and we went to Moana pool. We got to go onto the water sides and have races. We went to the mall for lunch and did some shopping. My mum bought me a birthday present there and I wasn’t aloud to look into the bag. I went with my friend to Timaru and we went to Caroline Bay pool. We went on the water-slide. It was dark in one of the slides. I also went to a cartoon studio to learn how to draw cartoons. It was very interesting.


100wc week 31

On a sunny day a girl named Ashley was going for a canoe in the sparkling lake. The oar was slashing against the glass like water. Ashley rowed the canoe to the dolphin watching spot. She was waiting for a dolphin to appear.Next think she knew a dolphin jumped out of the water! Ashley fumbled to get her camera. Just in time she snapped a photo of the wrinkled dolphin. She decided she needs to rule the photo. Once she had done that, Ashley looked wistful onto the bank. Out of the corner her eye Ashley saw a red Mushroom!

100 wc

Ashley was walking home from school. She walked on the gravel road. Ashley saw a dark blue, house. She knew she had to go home but it looked very interesting. Ashley jogged over to the grand entrance. It was all rusty around the enormous archway that lead you into a room. Ashley walked into the bedroom, suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. The door shut and Ashley was trapped in the completely dark room. Suddenly, Ashley heard the sound of the grand piano play a song. She turned around and sore a mouse. The mouse turned around and stared at Ashley.