10 things about me!

I absolutely love animals, I feel happy around them.

My second cousin plays cricket in the Wellington Firebirds.

My cousin has a black belt in karate.

I am very slow at eating.

I like doing art and craft.

I enjoy swimming (Especially backstroke)

I like baking.

I have traveled to Australia before.

I like helping out on the farm.

I have been to Masterton before.


I was strolling home from school. I had to walk through the forest to get to my house. I was entering the forest and I heard a rustle in the bushes. I tiptoed over to the bush, I pushed the top the the bush aside and I saw a baby fox! The baby fox was orange with a white dot on his head. I didn’t know what to do so I picked the baby fox up. It was heavier that than I expected. I put the fox in my bag “You will be safe with me, little fox” I said.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is trying different strategy’s. and putting effort into your work.  It is important to me because I need a growth mindset at home for cooking. You have to put some effort into your cooking .This year I need a growth mindset for my learning.

100 Word Challange

Lilly was going for an exciting bike ride, she was going to bike on the magic forest bike trail. When Lilly was half way through the trail she saw a little yellow bike. Lilly decided to check the bike out. She hopped onto the bike. When she got on the bike it started floating! The bike floated higher and higher until the bike stopped. Lilly saw something. She saw a magnificent village on a cloud! Lilly leaned forward trying to get the bike to fly over. But the bike flew towards the ground and glued itself to a power pole.

That was Summer- By Grace

That was Summer


Remember that time

When you were holding 

On with all your might

Trying to stay on the

Yellow biscuit, not wanting

To fall into the deep



Remember when you

Were playing hide and seek

With your cousins and you hid 

Under a wooden table and 

No one found you?


Remember seeing your

Pet calves frolicking 

Down the hill, so

Excited to see you

And when they got to 

The bottom they slobbered 

All over you?


Remember helping

Dad on the farm by

Picking up heavy rocks

And throwing them 

By the giant tree?


That was summer.


I am looking forward to go to boyle river for camp. It sounds so exciting. It is I am also looking forward to go to Tekapo for my grandma’s birthday because we can go swimming at the Tekapo hot springs.