Term 1 Review!

This term has been very interesting and it is almost over. Around week 7, all the year 7 and 8 went to O.I.S to do technology. I was in hard materials with Mr Savage and Mr Sullivan. They were great at making sure everyone was on track. We made many different inventions.

We did lots of explanation reports. The first topic we did was the treaty of Waitangi. I put a lot of effort into every piece of my writing. In my Waitangi writing, my curriculum level was 3. The next piece of writing we did was about the covid-19 alert levels. We had to explain what each of the alert level mean. My curriculum level in covid-19 I got towards 4 because I needed to put more detail into my writing. My last piece if explanation writing was about “How much sleep does the body need?” I was very very proud of my writing. My level was 4. I am very pleased with all of my pieces of writing.

I think my learning has been going ready well. I am excited to do the math solving problem. My S.R.A is going good as well.

In the Upper Waitaki  swimming sports I came 1st in breaststroke and second equal in backstroke.


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  1. Great blog Grace. I am so pleased to see that you have acknowledged the progress you have made in writing. This is because you have listened to the feedback you have received and as you said, have worked hard. Keep up the great work.

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